Your own catalogue


...talking to a friend or your family about your collection. You want to show them a few pictures, so you start scrolling on your phone to find what you are looking for.  A bit of zooming in and out, fiddling with the screen to keep the image in view. What it would be like if you could get up and return with your own catalogue for them to flip through? It's not that far-fetched.


Having your own collection documented and bundled has several advantages. Obviously, it offers you an opportunity to share your life's passion with likeminded people. It also helps in securing the future of your collection: your heirs will know what is what, and will be able to carry out your wishes. What is more, this could be not just the documentation of your collection, but maybe even from that part of your life when you assembled it. A beautiful way to share the stories of your life and travels with your children and grandchildren.

I can help you put your own story together: research, identify and describe your jewellery items, write background stories on their life and use, and where needed edit and correct your own texts (or write your stories for you, after I've had the pleasure of hearing them!)

Whether you would like a digital book or an actual printed book, a scholarly publication or a glossy magazine issue, just one copy or multiple copies...we can work together on your very own catalogue. I have published several books and many articles. My writing style is engaging, lucid and fluid. My long-standing network of talented designers, photographers and publishers will ensure you will be pleased with the results!

Contact me to discuss possibilities!

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