What do others say about working with Bedouin Silver?


A big thank you to you for your superb presentation last night. It was very well received by all those present. You have such an easy-to-follow presentation style - quite a number of people said to me after how much they had learned. I think that also explains why there was such a clamour for your books - people wanted to keep learning. Thank you again for such a fine evening, for your generosity and for all the time you spent speaking individually to our guests. You have won a lot of new fans!

- Michael Backman | Michael Backman Ltd, London

Thank you for a fascinating presentation, beautifully presented with lots of new information for us to digest. Your time-keeping was impeccable too.

- Society of Jewellery Historians, London 


Sigrid combines immense knowledge of the exciting world of jewellery with a strong passion for writing. She has written multiple articles for our online magazine Arte & Lusso and each one of them has been very engaging and insightful. She is very professional and reliable and very fun to work with. And last but not least, her Instagram page is so well curated and she brings jewellery pieces to life on every photo.

- Slava Noor | Arte & Lusso Magazine

Sigrid is able to write quality books on a variety of subjects. For our publishing house she wrote a Children's book on Oman and a highly appreciated book on Bedouin Silver. Quality is extremely important, but it is also a real pleasure working together.

- Ron Smit | KIT Publishers


Thank you so much for the beautiful documentation of the jewellery we brought from Yemen all those years ago. Now our grandchildren will know their stories!

- Private consult | Dutch expats who lived in Yemen 40 years ago


Desert Silver is beautiful! The photo close-ups as well as the variety of the jewellery depicted are beautiful. The maps are very clarifying and provide more insight.

Ben van Bercken | Shop manager National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden, The Netherlands

I love Desert Silver, very readable, lots of info that I knew nothing about, but I love it the most because it shows commonly worn jewels rather than exquisite one of a kinds. Much like Silver Treasures by Marjorie Ransom.

Patricia Deany | Collector and connaisseur

If you know nothing about jewellery from the Arab world, you will find this a perfect introduction that will entice you to read and learn more, even to start your own collection. If you are already knowledgeable about Arab jewellery, this is a wonderful book to put it all into context and to understand the relevance and value of these items. If you own or wear Arab jewellery, this book is a celebration of your cultural treasures and your heritage.

Ansie van der Walt | review for The Zay initiative

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