Tassels and dangles

Tassels on a Turkmen house amulet

Although many amulets and talismans bring good luck and protect the wearer, it helps to chase evil away before it nears a person or animal. Therefore, many devices to confuse evil are available: the sudden movements of a swaying tassel, the shining reflections of mirrors and silver, the jingling sound of coins or the rattle of a stone, trapped inside a hollow anklet. To add to the confusion, dangles and bells are most common worn in uneven numbers and many fabrics show a small, but deliberate flaw in weaving or decoration.

Knots are also considered a very effective way to lead evil astray. When it tries to follow the path of the cord, it gets distracted. Knots are also used in spells: these gain in efficiency when during recital, knots are tied in a cord on crucial moments.