Jewellery has many functions and meanings in addition to just being beautiful ornaments. On these pages you will find more information on the stories jewellery of the Middle East holds.

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Stories of jewellery

Necklace with amber and amulets, Morocco
Jewellery plays a very important role in protecting the wearer from evil. Colours, symbols and materials used often carry a deeper meaning.
Jewellery is often regarded as savings account. In many countries it is thought wiser to invest in jewellery than to keep money, which might well lose its value over time.
The history of jewellery resembles that of archaeology; layer after layer of culture has overlapped and intertwined as the centuries have passed.
One of jewellery’s most important functions is to reveal the status of the wearer. Jewellery can indicate social status, or the religious group to which the wearer belongs.
The values and traditions associated with Islam have had a big influence on the jewellery of the region. Bible and Torah also clarify the significance of jewellery.
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