Comments on Desert Silver

"It looks beautiful! The photo close-ups as well as the variety of the jewellery depicted are beautiful. The maps are very clarifying and provide more insight."

Ben van Bercken | Shop manager National Museum of Antiquities

"I love Desert Silver, very readable, lots of info that I knew nothing about, but I love it the most because it shows commonly worn jewels rather than exquisite one of a kinds. Much like Silver Treasures by Marjorie Ransom."

Patricia Deany | Collector and connaisseur


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Geheimen uit Gelderse bodem. 10.000 jaar archeologische sieraden


"Wat een ontzettend aantrekkelijk en mooi vormgegeven boekje is het geworden, met zeer aansprekende fotografie! Chapeau!"

Yvonne van den Hooven | CODA Apeldoorn