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My PhD-research project: Silver zār jewellery from Egypt 1900-1960

In this study many collections of Egyptian zār-jewellery will be analyzed. The collections studied are museum collections as well as private collections, providing an unprecedented overview of zār amulets and other jewellery. The study introduces the zār ritual and its development, provides a socio-cultural background to Egyptian society in the period 1900-1960 and highlights the major social and political events during this period. Based on the analysis of the jewellery studied and the historical background of the period in which they were produced, the study presents a new view on the meaning of the decoration on silver zār jewellery. The volume will also contain a reference guide for zār amulets and other jewellery, illustrated with many different examples.

My current book project: Scent and personal adornment in the Arab world (May 2020)

My forthcoming book contains a unique exploration of a little-known, invisible aspect of traditional jewellery and adornment from the Arab world: scent. I'm delving into rituals, traditions and customs from many countries across this vast region to explore how scent is used in personal adornment. The book will offer insight in the social and spiritual values of fragrance and show many examples of material culture, from perfume jewellery to incensing devices. With lots of photographs, this will be beautifully illustrated, engaging introduction in the relation between scent and personal adornment!


Egypts Heritage Review

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