Sharing the narrative

Jewellery holds a treasure of stories and stunning visuals. And not just from an arthistorical perspective...jewellery documents culture and history in silver. This makes jewellery a valuable object category: it holds and shares stories from within the culture it orginates from and as such, it adds the most important voice to the multivocal platforms that museums are more and more evolving to be.

Whether it is a view on life in the Middle East, micro-financing, the world of women, globalization, climate change, religion, history, geopolitics, identity: jewellery functions as an intermediary to share these and many other stories. I can help you inventory the information your collection holds: research, identify and describe jewellery items in your collection, write background stories on their life and use, and where needed edit and correct your own texts.

The stories you choose to share by means of your collection can be translated on several levels. I have designed school programs for primary and secondary school level, exhibition texts and catalogues. Additionally, I write social media posts, blogposts, articles, leaflets, folders, website texts and any other text you might need, complete with photography.

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