Introduction course


History of Jewellery

In this class, we'll trace how jewellery came to look as it does today. Where do certain designs come from? How did Chinese influences end up in the Mediterranean? What is the connection between art of the Migration Period in Europe and silver jewellery from North Africa? This is a journey through time, spanning millennia and three continents.

You will gain understanding and appreciation for the huge timedepth reflected in traditional jewellery from North Africa and Southwest Asia, hear more about the many peoples living and traveling in the region, see how techniques and decoration schemes spread and above all, enjoy many fabulous pieces of jewellery along the way!



Magic and Jewellery

A class devoted to amulets, talismans and magic! Jewellery often doubles as protection. Materials, patterns and shapes are chosen for a reason, and these often go way back in history. We will see magical books and grimoires from the Middle Ages, study the meaning of numbers and colours and also see how amulets can be rendered ineffective and spells become undone. Jewellery Hogwarts, as it were.

You will see jewellery with a variety of magical capacities, learn to recognize many basic elements of protection, and see what these hopes and fears encapsulated in jewellery tell us about the lives and dreams of the women who owned these items.


Money and Matchmaking

Jewellery is a woman's savings: in this class we'll go into the value of jewellery in financial and social terms. How do household economies work, what is shadow capital and how exactly does the marriage economy fit into all this? And how do we decipher the social status of a woman by 'reading' her jewellery?

You will learn how savvy women invest and save, hear about the intracies of marriage negotiations, get a glimpse of the astounding length and width of collective mental book keeping and see how jewellery functions as communicator (including hints to a mother in law that not all is well in the marriage....)


The scent of a woman

Objects of personal adornment are closely connected with an invisible power: that of smell. They carried aromatic substances, dispersed fragrance or were made of scented components. This was not simply a form of beautification, but also carried meaning. Scent was used to avert evil, attract blessings and to operationalize transitions in life.

In this class, we'll explore how the senses are represented in jewellery. Smell, sound and substance are all important factors, and while enjoying a sensory journey into the smells of frankincense and spices, you will be introduced to the social and spiritual values of fragrance in everyday life.

Each class can be booked separately at 25 euros. Should you want to book all four classes, you will enjoy a discounted rate of 80 euros for the complete course.

Each class consists of 8 short episodes: the complete course offers 32 episodes, containing well over 8 hours of presentation. You will also receive a digital, downloadable coursebook for each episode with the main information and suggestions for further reading.

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