Looking for that extra dimension in your creations?

When you create jewellery with vintage or antique components, your design may hold more stories than you know. There is your own expression in the combination and arrangement, but the individual components have their own. They were part of a dowry, worn by young mothers, sewn on face veils and dresses, and braided in hairstyles. Their colours, shapes and materials were chosen for a reason, and one that may well add an extra dimension to the jewel you created with it.

Or, you find a great deal of inspiration in the colours and designs of the Middle East, but would like to know more about their cultural significance and history, to use this knowledge into meaningful designs of your own.


Whether it is the particular story of a vintage element, the meaning and history of a colour or the many properties ascribed to a material, I can help you add storytelling value to your designs and creations. Your customers will love to hear about the lives your creation has already lived!

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