Storing and handling silver

As silver tarnishes easily, it is advisable to store it as much as possible in closed bags, e.g. zip pouches. Make sure your silver is clean and completely dry before you store it. Read 3 tips on storage here on the blog.

Know your objects

In order to properly care for your jewellery, familiarize yourself with the properties of each individual material component. Storage conditions are often based on the weakest component, but make sure that other materials are fit for those conditions too. This is always a matter of tailor-made solutions, dependant on both the components in your collection and the conditions of your storage. For example, a collection kept in an older, 'leaky' building in a hot and humid climate will need different care then a collection in a newer building in a moderate climate.


Cleaning silver

It is advisable to check the condition of your silver items regularly (e.g. on a yearly basis). Inspect them closely for verdigris (the green corrosion): this will seriously affect your jewellery and can spread to other items. Read a few points to consider about cleaning here on the blog.