Desert Silver. Understanding traditional jewellery from the Middle East and North Africa

This full-colour book explores the context of traditional jewelry from the Middle East and North-Africa. Jewelry is more than just decoration, and plays a subtle role in everyday society as communicator, messenger and bank account. All of these aspects are discussed in the book and illustrated with rich examples, from Palestinian wedding necklaces made from fragrant cloves to the brightly enamelled bracelets of the Maghreb.

168 pages, full colour


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Silver & Frankincense. Scent and personal adornment in the Arab world

This book presents a unique exploration of a little-known, invisible aspect of traditional jewellery and adornment from the Arab world: scent. It delves into rituals, traditions and customs from many countries across this vast region to explore how scent is used in personal adornment. The book offers insight in the social and spiritual values of fragrance and shows many examples of material culture, from perfume jewellery to incensing devices.

140 pagina's, full colour

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