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Collection Plan Workbook - FREE


Have you ever wondered: 'where am I going with this collection?' Don't worry, you're not alone! Keeping track of your collection requires work, but where to start? I love to help you!

In this free workbook I'll take you through the 5 building blocks to design your own collection plan. We'll cover why having a collection plan is a good idea (read 5 reasons why here), what it will look like, and we'll discuss the 5 building blocks from purchase to caring. A checklist rounds up all the aspects to consider.

This book has been downloaded over 100 times: I hope it will get you on your way as well!

Need more help? Check out my full guide to collection management below- coming soon!

19 pages, full colour

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These e-books are available directly. They are in pdf format, so you do not need a reader or specific software. Happy reading!

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A Kind of Magic - FREE


Jewellery from the Middle East and North Africa often doubles as some form of protection, as talisman or amulet. In this e-book we'll explore how this works, and how we can catch a glimpse of the actual person wearing this jewellery through her hopes and fears.

In this free e-book I will take you through the main concepts of magical knowledge, after which we will go over the vehicles of magic used in jewellery: colours, materials, patterns, sound & movement, texts & numbers, and of course smell. This multisensory journey into jewellery and magic leads us to a few stories of the wearers' world: a very personal interaction with jewellery. I have included lots of jewellery examples for you to study!

46 pages, full colour

Release date: February 15 2021 (Can't wait? Drop me a line and I'll send it to you!)

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In this full guide to collection management, I'm sharing everything with you to manage your collection! Based on my personal experience of over 25 years, this book covers a lot of ground.


Starting with international laws and regulations concerning cultural heritage: we've all heard of UNESCO 1970 and the CITES regulations for example, but what do they mean for you? Next, I will help you work with the 5 building blocks from the free workbook in depth: how to set up a simple or more complex registration system, how to work with a maintenance cycle of your collection, and how to establish and document provenance of your items. Other topics include insurance and value, sharing through exhibitions and research, and of course the question hovering over all collectors' heads: what to do with your collection later in life? I'll provide you with a roadmap of clear steps to take for three separate scenarios.

This book will enable you to benefit from international museum standards, and a practical toolbox helps you to make each step a success: from software to use to step-by-step cleaning guides.

± 80 pagina's, full colour.

Release date: March 2021