Curatorial services

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I provide a range of curatorial services to both museums and individual clients.

Individual clients

I can assist you in building, researching and publishing your collection. Whether you need feedback on your collection plan, have questions about what items to acquire, need background information on a certain piece (see Jewellery identification) or want a well researched catalogue of your very own collection, I will be happy to be of service. Please inquire what I can do for you here!


As guest curator, I can assist you in researching and publishing (parts of) your collection, develop exhibition concepts and write exhibition texts, folders and catalogues. I also develop educational material on various levels and provide workshops and masterclasses on jewellery from the Arab world. Please inquire how I can help you here!


Working with museum and private collections, I have over 20 years experience in art handling, assembling and studying collections of traditional jewellery from the Arab world. My extensive research library and my large network of knowledgeable experts serves to your advantage. My experience in publishing both scientific works as well as books, leaflets and articles for a larger audience will be valuable in getting your message across.


I have curated exhibitions on jewellery for:

- the National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden (exhibition Charming/Betoverend)

- Museum Het Markiezenhof, Bergen op Zoom (exhibition Woestijnzilver/Desert Silver)

- CODA Apeldoorn (exhibition Geheimen uit Gelderse bodem/Secrets from Guelders' grounds)

I have provided advice on silver jewellery items, collections and exhibitions for:

- Teylers Museum, Haarlem (advice on the use of jewellery to the exhibition The Discovery of Egypt)

- several individual collectors (identification of amulets and jewellery items)
- the Heard Museum, Phoenix AZ, USA (identification and description of jewellery items in the collection)
- Kalakeesh jewelry design, Dubai, UAE (background information on traditional jewellery)

- Textile Research Centre, Leiden (object determination and advice on jewellery at Q&A-days)