Collection research

Does the collection of your museum hold pieces of traditional jewellery, but it is not exactly clear what it is or where it is from? This is the question I get asked the most! Especially in collections that are not focused solely on jewellery, jewellery and other items of adornment are not always easy to identify.


I will be happy to look into your piece(s) and provide you with as many details as possible. In doing so, I can also provide you with  possibilities for future research, identify angles for narratives your collection can be used to convey, or suggest topics for larger or smaller (digital) exhibitions.

You will receive a digital file in pdf, detailing:

- your piece,

- its cultural background and significance,

- explanations for the choices of materials, colors and motifs

- a short overview of literature and other sources (if available) for further reading.

I will also create an Excel-file for you to be imported in your database system, based on the required fields you use in your own administration.

Contact me to discuss how I can be of help to you!

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