An e-course about jewellery...ready for you to join and enjoy right now! Your jewellery is heritage, and has stories to share! Many of these resonate with your own experiences while living or traveling in the countries that you have acquired jewellery from. Jewellery links us to shared values and history, spanning continents and millennia. In this online course, I will share over two decades of research with you in bite-sized episodes of 15 minutes.






Looking Beyond Jewellery is my introductory course into traditional jewellery of North Africa and Southwest Asia. We will travel beyond the jewellery itself, to the worlds of their wearers. Jewellery is not just adornment: it is a historic source, and reading that source gets you up close and personal with the women who wore the pieces in your care. Jewellery will tell you about their life, their most profound hopes and fears and their fierce resistance and resilience. A journey filled with stunning jewellery from museums and collections all across the world, this is an incredibly complete overview of the many stories that your jewellery reveals - if you know how to read them.








'I would love to take a class, but I'm so busy as it is...' Does that sound familiar? If you're anything like me, our day is filled with work, meetings, that pile of laundry...at the end of the day time simply has gotten away from us. So we are quick to skip those things we actually enjoy the most: a moment to relax, to explore, to learn more about our favourite topic. I have created the perfect solution for you: a short and sweet jewellery break on the go. Participants have literally enjoyed it on their commute on the subway!

'The first class was fantastic, with a wealth of information all put together very nicely... easy to follow and  learn from'

I must say that this course is great, it's so well done. I am learning so much.


'Such a delight to hear and so much valuable information packed into the episode. If you haven’t signed up yet then I highly recommend that you do!'

Participants about this course

'Your course is a wonderful complete package — your lovely speaking voice, the content and how topics tie together, the amazing slide deck, and on and on.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. You really have a wonderful delivery style and I think your speaking voice and pace appeals to a broad range of English speakers and English abilities.'

'I finally got around to go through the first of your classes and I must say I’m so impressed. Mind you, I didn’t expect anything than sterling quality from you but this is so exquisite 🤩! I really look forward to plunging into this fantastic world of jewelry, especially when it comes in such an enticing packaging as this, yet with scientific preciseness. And so much material! We are truly spoiled...'

'Thank you Sigrid for these amazing tutorials, your knowledge and insights into beads is outstanding, so much to learn and explore! I’m also in love with your collages!'

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