Building your collection

Are you considering building a collection of traditional jewellery of your own? Have you perhaps bought some items that caught your eye, or been given an old 'tribal' bracelet for example? When you want to build a collection of your own, here are some tips to help you get started.


The 'why' is a very important question and the one that you need to ask yourself first. There are many reasons that come to mind when assembling a collection of jewellery. Are you looking for generally beautiful, authentic jewellery items to wear? Are you looking to invest in objets d'art and use your collection as financial investment? Just these two reasons alone, and there are so much more, will lead to a different collection. Working out why you want to collect is one of the key elements in your collection plan.


What do you want to collect? The world is filled with treasure....although this website focuses on the Arab world, some items from further away have found their way in as well. Setting a clear goal on what your collection should look like will help you focus in acquisition. Remember that really every field is fine! Whether you want to collect items from a certain region, in a particular material, only bracelets, wearable items, not wearable but artful items, the choices are many. Taking the time to investigate what you really want to collect will also be an asset to your collection plan.


How would you be collecting? Here again, many possibilities exist. Often these are tied to your economic possibilities: do you want to acquire jewellery items in the country of origin itself, are you more of an antiques-hunter on fairs and shows, is the Internet your home or are you looking to attend auctions?

Collection plan

Once you have worked out the above points, write them down in your very own collection plan. This is an ever-evolving document, as your experience grows and predilections change (I know mine sure did over the years!), that will help you stay focused on what you add to your collection and why. To help you get started, I have created 5 easy steps in a free workbook for you. This serves as a first list of aspects to consider and points to cover when building your own collection: once you start to think about these aspects, others will come to mind as well.

I will be happy to help you with these steps! Read more about the curatorial services I offer here.