Traditional jewellery
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Welcome to the world of traditional jewellery from North Africa and Southwest Asia! This large region encompasses over 20 countries, and is home to many peoples such as the Amazigh, Beja and Bedouin. Each has its own history: the traditional jewellery of a people records and shares this. Jewellery items are more than 'collected objects': they form part of the material culture of a people.

It tells many stories: jewellery is closely interconnected with identity and the personal self, protection, status and economy. It speaks of trade and contacts, of hopes and fears, of politics and social change. 

Whether you are a curator, a collector or a creator, the jewellery in your care has a lifetime of stories to share!

The topics you'll find here reflect over two decades of research into silver jewellery and costume. Feel free to browse around, enjoy the many stories of jewellery and do not hesitate to ask me anything bejeweled!